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Harken Winch: Plain Top Size B16 - All Chrome Two Speed
HARB162CCC - Harken Winch: Plain Top Size B16 - All Chrome Two Speed
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    Product Description

    Harken® single-speed winches are the finest small winches made. They feature all-metal bases and bushings or bearings where other brands use plastic bodies and no bearings.

    The B6 and B8 feature a simple Delrin®-bearing sleeve. This bearing is almost maintenance free and requires only occasional cleaning. These winches are ideal for small daysailers and pocket cruisers who want to avoid the hassle of pulling direct from the sheet.

    Use with:
    Halyards, sheets and control lines.

    Part Number: B16.2

    Imperial Metric
    Line Entry Height (LE) 2" 50 mm
    Fastener Circle 3 9/16" 90 mm
    Fasteners (SH or HH) 5 x 1/4" 5 x 6
    Weight 8.2 lbs 3.7 kg

    Gear Ratio 1 Gear Ratio 2 Power Ratio1 Power Ratio 2
    1:1 2.3:1 7.2:1 16.5:1

    Harken Winches
    Drum 2 3/4" 70 mm
    Base Dia. 4 3/4" 120 mm
    Height 4 7/16" 112 mm
    LE 2" 50 mm

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