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Optiparts Laser Advanced Boat Handling DVD
OPTEX3034 - Optiparts Laser Advanced Boat Handling DVD
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    Using different viewing angles, including coach, onboard and aerial cameras, Laser® sailors of any level can now follow the simple step by step images showing how to master maneuvers around the course.

    With over 50 minutes of meticulous analysis, pictures and slow motion clips from the hands of the Laser® Training Center head coach Javier Rulo Borojovich, you will learn all the tricks in no time. NTSC/English DVD.

    17 sailors who raced the 2008 Olympic Games, trained at the Laser® Training Center. See here the footage these top sailors used to get even better.

    Tacks, Jibes, penalty turns, windward and leeward mark roundings performed by some of the best Laser® sailors in the world, are sliced into easy to follow segments.

    Part Number: EX3034

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