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Harken 22 mm Micro BlocksHarken
HAR224 - Harken Single Micro Block
Code: HAR224
Original Price: $12.30
Price: $10.82
HAR225 - Harken Single Micro Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR225
Original Price: $14.20
Price: $12.50
HAR226 - Harken Double Micro Block
Code: HAR226
Original Price: $31.00
Price: $27.28
HAR227 - Harken Double Micro Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR227
Original Price: $33.50
Price: $29.48
HAR228 - Harken Triple Micro Block
Code: HAR228
Original Price: $44.40
Price: $39.07
HAR229 - Harken Triple Micro Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR229
Original Price: $45.45
Price: $40.00
HAR230 - Harken Triple Micro Block w/ 471 Carbo-Cam
Code: HAR230
Original Price: $97.15
Price: $85.49
HAR231 - Harken Triple Micro Block w/ 471 Carbo-Cam and Becket
Code: HAR231
Original Price: $99.00
Price: $87.12
HAR232 - Harken Micro Block Traveler
Code: HAR232
Original Price: $27.60
Price: $24.29
HAR233 - Harken Micro Block Cheek
Code: HAR233
Original Price: $16.75
Price: $14.74
HAR234 - Harken Single Micro Block w/ Shackle
Code: HAR234
Original Price: $17.80
Price: $15.66
HAR235 - Harken Micro Block w/ Shackle and Becket
Code: HAR235
Original Price: $19.75
Price: $17.38
HAR242 - Harken Micro Block Thru-Deck
Code: HAR242
Original Price: $29.65
Price: $26.09
HAR243 - Harken Micor Block Upright Lead
Code: HAR243
Original Price: $17.20
Price: $15.14
HAR244 - Harken Micro Block Fiddle w/ V-jam
Code: HAR244
Original Price: $36.25
Price: $31.90
HAR245 - Harken Micro Block w/ V-jam and Becket
Code: HAR245
Original Price: $39.45
Price: $34.72
HAR292 - Harken Single Micro Block Swivel
Code: HAR292
Original Price: $24.70
Price: $21.74
HAR377 - Harken Micro Forkhead Block
Code: HAR377
Original Price: $19.95
Price: $17.56
HAR443 - Harken Micro Block and Eyestrap Assembly
Code: HAR443
Original Price: $20.45
Price: $18.00
HARHSB271 - Harken Single Micro Block w/ Removeable Pin Holding in Sheave
Code: HARHSB271
Original Price: $12.15
Price: $8.94
HARHSB439 - Harken Micro Fiddle
Code: HARHSB439
Original Price: $30.65
Price: $22.56

Low-friction Harken 22 mm Micro Blocks are compact and lightweight. They are ideal for sailboards, smaller dinghies, and lightly loaded control lines on boats of all sizes.

Harken 22 mm Micro Block
sheaves run exclusively on ball bearing systems for fast trim and release under any load. Delrin ball bearings and sideplates are UV-stabilized with carbon black for maximum protection. Stainless steel sideplates add strength.

Use For:
Traveler controls
Flag halyards
Leech cords
Lead car return tackles

Harken 22 mm Micro Blocks

We at Layline strive to be your source for Harken 22 mm Micro Blocks and all sailboat hardware, rigging, and sailing gear. With our focus on one design and handicap racing we can offer advice and reviews of what you need to compete. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Harken 22 mm Micro Blocks please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!
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