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Harken 57 mm AirBlocksHarken
HAR1950 - Harken 57 mm Low-Load Block w/ Swivel
Code: HAR1950
Original Price: $159.80
Price: $110.30
HAR1951 - Harken 57 mm Low-Load Block w/ Swivel and Becket
Code: HAR1951
Original Price: $201.10
Price: $138.80
HAR1952 - Harken 57 mm Double Low-Load Block
Code: HAR1952
Original Price: $314.05
Price: $216.70
HAR1954 - Harken 57 mm Triple Swivel Block
Code: HAR1954
Original Price: $466.75
Price: $322.10
HAR1959 - Harken 57 mm High-Load Block w/ Swivel Becket
Code: HAR1959
Original Price: $219.85
Price: $151.70
HAR1961 - Harken 57 mm High-Load Double Block w/ Swivel and Becket
Code: HAR1961
Original Price: $379.85
Price: $262.10
HAR1965 - Harken 57 mm HL Stand-Up Block
Code: HAR1965
Original Price: $309.05
Price: $213.20
HAR3195 - Harken 57 mm Single Loop Block
Code: HAR3195
Original Price: $221.75
Price: $153.00
HARHC7798 - Harken 57 mm German Admirals Mainsheet System Block
Code: HARHC7798
Original Price: $483.95
Price: $394.90
HAR3214 - Harken 57mm Loop Block
Code: HAR3214
Original Price: $226.20
Price: $199.06
HAR3215 - Harken 57mm HL Block
Code: HAR3215
Original Price: $184.00
Price: $161.92
HAR3216 - Harken 57mm HL Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3216
Original Price: $224.25
Price: $197.34
HAR3217 - Harken 57mm HL Double Block
Code: HAR3217
Original Price: $365.10
Price: $321.29
HAR3218 - Harken 57mm HL Double Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3218
Original Price: $387.45
Price: $340.96
HAR3219 - Harken 57mm Triple Block
Code: HAR3219
Original Price: $476.10
Price: $418.97
HAR3226 - Harken 57mm Low Load Block (Replaces 1950)
Code: HAR3226
Original Price: $163.00
Price: $143.44
HAR3227 - Harken 57mm HL Standup Block
Code: HAR3227
Original Price: $315.25
Price: $277.42
HAR3228 - Harken 57mm Low Load Double Block
Code: HAR3228
Original Price: $320.35
Price: $281.91
HAR3229 - Harken 57mm Low Load Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3229
Original Price: $205.10
Price: $180.49

The entire line of Harken 57 mm Black Magic Airblocks has been redesigned with a sleek new look. Their unique, performance-packaged engineering remains exactly the same.

Used on offshore boats, these strong, lightweight locks feature Torlon roller bearings for strength and reduced wear. Rollers are housed in a center cage and stay parallel for low-friction efficiency. Sculpted hardcoat-anodized aluminum sideplates protect sideload ball bearings. Dissimilar metals are isolated to minimize corrosion.

Low-load blocks use Torlon rollers and 316 stainless steel shackles. Standard blocks have 17-APH stainless headposts.

Like all Harken 57 mm Black Magic AirBlocks, the three-way head swivels/locks in front/side positions. Blocks are easily disassembled with a single hex wrench.

The 3214 soft-attachment Loop block has a removable dead-end post for attachment to a padeye. Lashings can also be used.

Use for:
Running backstays
Control lines

Harken 57 mm AirBlocks

We at Layline strive to be your source for Harken 57 mm AirBlocks and all sailboat hardware, rigging, and sailing gear. With our focus on one design and handicap racing we can offer advice and reviews of what you need to compete. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Harken 57 mm AirBlocks please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!
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