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Harken Air Runners BlocksHarken
HAR1991 - Harken 75 mm Runner Block
Code: HAR1991
Original Price: $415.70
Price: $286.80
HAR3013 - Harken 100 mm Runner Block
Code: HAR3013
Original Price: $701.20
Price: $512.00
HAR3014 - Harken 100 mm Runner Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR3014
Original Price: $811.15
Price: $592.00
HAR3019 - Harken 125 mm Runner Block
Code: HAR3019
Original Price: $984.20
Price: $778.00
HAR3020 - Harken 125 mm Runner Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR3020
Original Price: $1,160.20
Price: $917.00
HAR3024 - Harken 150 mm Runner Block
Code: HAR3024
Original Price: $1,743.55
Price: $1,377.00
HAR3025 - Harken 150 mm Runner Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR3025
Original Price: $2,250.25
Price: $1,778.00
HAR3039 - Harken 57 mm High-Load Runner Block
Code: HAR3039
Original Price: $302.00
Price: $208.40
HAR3224 - Harken 57mm HL Runner Block
Code: HAR3224
Original Price: $308.05
Price: $271.08
HAR3238 - Harken 75mm Runner Block
Code: HAR3238
Original Price: $424.00
Price: $373.12
HAR3239 - Harken 75mm Runner Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3239
Original Price: $502.20
Price: $441.94
HAR3251 - Harken 100mm Runner Block
Code: HAR3251
Original Price: $715.20
Price: $629.38
HAR3252 - Harken 100mm Runner Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3252
Original Price: $827.35
Price: $728.07
HAR3259 - Harken 125mm Runner Block
Code: HAR3259
Original Price: $1,003.90
Price: $883.43
HAR3260 - Harken 125mm Runner Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3260
Original Price: $1,183.40
Price: $1,041.39
HAR3264 - Harken 150mm Runner Block
Code: HAR3264
Original Price: $1,778.40
Price: $1,564.99
HAR3265 - Harken 150mm Runner Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3265
Original Price: $2,295.25
Price: $2,019.82

The entire line of Harken Air Runners Black Magic Blocks has been redesigned with a sleek new look. Their unique, performance-packed engineering remains exactly the same.

Harken Black Magic Air Runners are strong, lightweight blocks with extremely freerolling sheaves. Blocks feature Torlon roller bearings in a center cage for strength. Sideload bearing strips dampen rig vibration.

Integrated sideplate bails and recessed cotter key help produce a smooth design that won't snag lifelines.

Heads are offered with parallel/perpendicular shackles. Tangs attach turnbuckles, toggles, and other fittings. No tools required for installation.

Foam padded Block Socks easily install over Air Runners to protect your blocks, deck, and crew.

Harken Air Runners Blocks

We at Layline strive to be your source for Harken Air Runners Blocks and all sailboat hardware, rigging, and sailing gear. With our focus on one design and handicap racing we can offer advice and reviews of what you need to compete. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Harken Air Runners Blocks please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!
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