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Harken ESP Furler Optional PartsHarken
HAR73203 - Harken ESP Unit 0 6.5' Foil
Code: HAR73203
Original Price: $100.00
Price: $80.00
HAR73213 - Harken ESP Unit 1 6.5' Foil
Code: HAR73213
Original Price: $130.00
Price: $104.00
HAR73223 - Harken ESP Unit 2 6.5" Foil
Code: HAR73223
Original Price: $175.00
Price: $140.00
HAR73233 - Harken ESP Unit 3 6.5' Foil
Code: HAR73233
Original Price: $225.00
Price: $180.00
HAR732031 - Harken ESP Unit 0 Connector
Code: HAR732031
Original Price: $40.00
Price: $32.00
HAR732131 - Harken ESP Unit 1  Connector
Code: HAR732131
Original Price: $50.00
Price: $40.00
HAR732231 - Harken ESP  Unit 2  Connector
Code: HAR732231
Original Price: $60.00
Price: $48.00
HAR732331 - Harken ESP Unit 3  Connector
Code: HAR732331
Original Price: $70.00
Price: $56.00
HARHFG233 - Harken Line-7mm x 70' Furl DBL Braid
Code: HARHFG233
Original Price: $140.00
Price: $112.00
HARHFG235 - Harken Line-8mm x 100' Furl DBL Braid
Code: HARHFG235
Original Price: $195.00
Price: $156.00

Harken Cruising Furling System Optional Parts ESP - Overview

The Harken ESP Furler is designed for the cruiser looking for an easy-to assemble furler with an elegant design. Install a Harken® ESP Furler and trim safely from the cockpit when it blows; unfurl instead of motoring when it’s light, for a great day of sailing.

To make assembly easier, Harken offers top foils in five precut lengths—no hacksaw required. An adjustable bottom foil fine-tunes the unit. Foils slip over most existing headstays without cutting the headstay, reducing set-up time even more.

Harken Let Kits, Top Foils, and Optional Part Features:
1. Single-Groove Round Foil - Round foil profile withstands extreme reefing loads for secure furling. Rolls more easily than flat foil shapes.
2. Strong Foil Joints - Tough foil joints withstand years of torque loading. Connector interlocks with foil and secures with screws. No extra adhesive needed for a secure lock.
3. Long or Short Leg Extension Kits - Choose long leg extensions for furlers with turnbuckles; short leg extensions when furler attaches directly to a marine eye fitted to the end of the stay.

Harken ESP Furler Optional Parts

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