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Harken Self-Contained SheavesHarken
HAR1533 - Harken 2 in. Small Midrange Sheave
Code: HAR1533
Original Price: $14.20
Price: $12.50
HAR1534 - Harken 2 in. Small Midrange Aluminum Sheave
Code: HAR1534
Original Price: $52.70
Price: $46.38
HAR160 - Harken Bullet Sheave
Code: HAR160
Original Price: $11.40
Price: $10.03
HAR161 - Harken Dual Sheave Universal Lead
Code: HAR161
Original Price: $28.80
Price: $25.34
HAR265 - Harken Big Bullet Sheave
Code: HAR265
Original Price: $12.45
Price: $10.96
HAR277 - Harken Micro Sheave
Code: HAR277
Original Price: $4.70
Price: $4.14
HAR303 - Harken 1 in. Wire Sheave
Code: HAR303
Original Price: $24.00
Price: $21.12
HAR307 - Harken 1.5 in. Wire Sheave
Code: HAR307
Original Price: $37.55
Price: $33.04
HAR311 - Harken 2 in. Wire Sheave
Code: HAR311
Original Price: $59.65
Price: $52.49
HAR415 - Harken 16 mm Sheave
Code: HAR415
Original Price: $10.30
Price: $9.06
HAR6062 - Harken 40 mm Cruising ESP Sheave
Code: HAR6062
Original Price: $18.05
Price: $15.88
HAR6063 - Harken 57 mm Cruising ESP Sheave
Code: HAR6063
Original Price: $21.40
Price: $18.83
HAR6064 - Harken 75 mm Cruising ESP Sheave
Code: HAR6064
Original Price: $30.75
Price: $27.06

Harken Self-contained sheaves are designed for sailors to use in custom applications.

The Micro, Bullet, and Big Bullet sheaves are Delrin® with Delrin® ball bearings. They are scored for rope. 16 mm AirBlock® sheaves are Delrin® and feature stainless ball bearings that ride in a grooved race. Midrange sheaves come in either Delrin® or aluminum for wire.

Wire sheaves are Hard Lube-anodized aluminum that ride on high-load composite bearings.

Ball bearings in the 11/2 in (38 mm) and 2 in (51 mm) sheaves minimize friction. The 1 in (25 mm) wire sheave uses low-friction washers for this purpose.

Two 160 sheaves make up the 161 dual-sheave universal lead. Use this sheave to divert a line that must turn in either direction.

Use Cruising ESP sheaves to handle high static loads from halyards and reef lines. Sheaves are carbon-black Delrin® for UV protection and turn on stainless steel spacers. Contained sideload ball bearings allow sheaves to spin freely when loads are released. Sheaves require a sideplate for the sideload balls to roll on.

Use for:
Custom applications

Harken Self-Contained Sheave Features:
  • Ball bearings handle low loads and sideloads from unfair leads
  • Plastic sleeve bearing for high static loads

  • Harken Self-Contained Sheaves

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