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Harken Small Boat Underdeck FurlersHarken
HAR164 - Harken Small Boat Upper Swivel High-Load Furler
Code: HAR164
Original Price: $150.40
Price: $120.32
HAR464 - Harken Small Boat Furling: Halyard Swivel/Hole for 4 mm Wire
Code: HAR464
Original Price: $226.35
Price: $181.08
HAR477 - Harken Small Boat Underdeck Furler/Small
Code: HAR477
Original Price: $1,069.00
Price: $855.20
HAR478 - Harken Small Boat Underdeck furler/Large
Code: HAR478
Original Price: $2,635.00
Price: $2,108.00
HAR479 - Harken 4 mm Tack Adapter Tang
Code: HAR479
Original Price: $131.25
Price: $105.00
HAR480 - Harken 5 mm Tack Adapter Tang
Code: HAR480
Original Price: $131.25
Price: $105.00
HAR481 - Harken 6 mm Tack Adapter Tang
Code: HAR481
Original Price: $131.25
Price: $105.00
HAR482 - Harken Halyard Swivel/Hole for 6 mm Wire
Code: HAR482
Original Price: $396.10
Price: $316.88
HAR489 - Harken 5/16" Tack Adapter Tang
Code: HAR489
Original Price: $131.25
Price: $105.00
HAR493 - Harken Medium Underdeck Furler
Code: HAR493
Original Price: $1,655.00
Price: $1,324.00

Harken Underdeck Furling System - Small Boat - Overview

Harken Small Boat Underdeck Furling Units are ideal for sportboats and daysailers from 4.8 m to 9 m (16 to 30 ft). The drum is located beneath the deck, lowering the tack height for maximized sail area. The single through-deck ball joint provides a low-profile, nearly watertight system that aligns the spool to the headstay. Like all Small Boat furlers, the underdeck furler is for furling only, not reefing.

Hoistable Swivels
An optional hoistable ball bearing halyard swivel can be installed on your headstay so you can raise or lower the sail without removing the headstay. Swivels are independent of the headstay, allowing you to tension the luff separately from the mast rake. Hoistable swivels work along with your standard Harken Small Boat furler.

Tack Adapter Tangs
Stainless steel tack adapter tangs are used to adapt clevis pin diameters on headstays to the standard clevis pin size that comes on the Harken unit. A third hole accepts lashing to adjust jib luff tension.

Harken Small Boat Underdeck Furlers

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