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Harken Stand-Up BasesHarken
HAR010 - Harken Ball and Socket Stand-Up Base
Code: HAR010
Original Price: $47.15
Price: $41.49
HAR029 - Harken 1/4 in. Swivel Post Base Block
Code: HAR029
Price: $36.20
HAR071 - Harken SS Stand-Up Spring
Code: HAR071
Original Price: $1.15
Price: $1.01
HAR077 - Harken DN Adapter
Code: HAR077
Original Price: $53.45
Price: $47.04
HAR097 - Harken Small Stand-up Spring
Code: HAR097
Original Price: $0.90
Price: $0.79
HAR1603 - Harken Midrange Stand-Up Spring
Code: HAR1603
Original Price: $3.30
Price: $2.90
HAR1634 - Harken Midrange Cruising ESP Stand-up Base
Code: HAR1634
Original Price: $111.30
Price: $97.94
HAR369 - Harken Small Stand-Up Boot
Code: HAR369
Original Price: $11.75
Price: $10.34
HAR370 - Harken Large Stand-Up Boot
Code: HAR370
Original Price: $14.10
Price: $12.41
HAR460 - Harken High-Load Ball & Socket Stand-Up Base
Code: HAR460
Original Price: $61.50
Price: $54.12
HAR461 - Harken Large High-Load Ball & Socket Stand-Up Base
Code: HAR461
Original Price: $64.10
Price: $56.41

Harken Stand-up Bases allow a wide variety of blocks to be held upright, swivel freely, or pivot so lines have a fair lead under load.

Ball-and-Socket Swivel Bases
The ball-and-socket design lets blocks articulate up to 45 degrees and swivel freely. The 460 and 461 bases have stainless steel reinforcement plates to handle the high load capacities of 57 mm and 75 mm Carbo blocks. Harken Stand-Up Bases may be fitted with springs, but blocks won’t hit the deck without them.

Stanchion Mount Base
The 061 stanchion mount base attaches blocks to 7/8 in or 1 in (22 or 25 mm) stanchions or pulpits and is often used to lead furling lines to the cockpit. Allows blocks to swivel and pivot for fairleads.

Midrange Cruising ESP Stand-Up
Use the 1634 Harken Stand-Up Base with Midrange blocks and 57 mm or 75 mm Cruising ESP blocks. Block headpost fits into socket without shackle. The low-profile design is ideal for mastbase and halyard lead blocks.


Springs support blocks on padeyes, eyestraps, bases, and traveler cars, and prevent blocks from hitting the deck.

Stand-Up Boots
Made of durable, flexible PVC, stand-up boots hold blocks up without snagging lines. The 369 fits 40 mm and 57 mm Carbo and Black Magic® blocks. The 370 fits 75 mm Carbo blocks.

Harken Stand-Up Bases

We at Layline strive to be your source for Harken Stand-Up Bases and all sailboat hardware, rigging, and sailing gear. With our focus on one design and handicap racing we can offer advice and reviews of what you need to compete. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Harken Stand-Up Bases please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!
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