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Lewmar 80 mm Racing BlocksLewmar
LEW29901800 - Lewmar 80mm High Load Block - Stand up Single
Code: LEW29901800
Original Price: $589.70
Price: $425.00
LEW29901804 - Lewmar 80mm High Load Block - Single w/Becket
Code: LEW29901804
Original Price: $453.40
Price: $326.40
LEW29901807 - Lewmar 80mm Web Block
Code: LEW29901807
Original Price: $406.00
Price: $324.80
LEW29901811 - Lewmar 80mm Single Block
Code: LEW29901811
Original Price: $161.80
Price: $116.50
LEW29901812 - Lewmar 80mm Double Block
Code: LEW29901812
Original Price: $280.30
Price: $224.30
LEW29901813 - Lewmar 80mm Triple Block
Code: LEW29901813
Original Price: $391.70
Price: $313.40
LEW29901814 - Lewmar 80mm Single w/Becket
Code: LEW29901814
Original Price: $197.60
Price: $142.30
LEW29901815 - Lewmar 80mm Double w/Becket
Code: LEW29901815
Price: $301.30
LEW29901816 - Lewmar 80mm Triple w/Becket
Code: LEW29901816
Price: $421.00
LEW29901821 - Lewmar 80mm Single Ratchet
Code: LEW29901821
Original Price: $216.30
Price: $173.10
LEW29901824 - Lewmar 80mm Fiddle w/Ratchet & Bkt & Cam
Code: LEW29901824
Price: $443.00
LEW29901830 - Lewmar 80mm Triple Ratchet w/Becket & Cam
Code: LEW29901830
Original Price: $689.60
Price: $552.00
LEW29901831 - Lewmar 80mm Fiddle
Code: LEW29901831
Original Price: $248.20
Price: $198.60
LEW29901834 - Lewmar 80mm Fiddle w/Becket
Code: LEW29901834
Price: $272.50
LEW29941800 - Lewmar 80mm High Load Block - Single Stand up
Code: LEW29941800
Original Price: $505.60
Price: $404.00
LEW29941801 - Lewmar 80mm High Load Block - Single (new model)
Code: LEW29941801
Original Price: $393.20
Price: $314.60

Lewmar 80mm Racing Blocks

Lewmar 80 mm Racing Blocks are designed to achieve the best strength-to-weight ratio within legal race limits. These sailboat blocks feature alloy cheeks and composite sheaves which run on dual Delrin ball races. Lewmar makes these blocks available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit a variety of yachts.

Racing Block Features:
  • Monocoque Construction
  • 3 in 1 Head
  • Torlon Rollers
  • Delrin Thrust Balls
  • Ratchet fiddle blocks feature alloy ratchet sheaves and recessed ratchet lever

Lewmar 80 mm Racing Blocks

We at Layline strive to be your source for Lewmar 80 mm Racing Blocks and all sailboat hardware, rigging, and sailing gear. With our focus on one design and handicap racing we can offer advice and reviews of what you need to compete. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Lewmar 80 mm Racing Blocks please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!
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