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Plastimo Contest 101 Compasses (Cruising)Plastimo Compasses Logo
PLA17673 - Plastimo Compensation Magnet
Code: PLA17673
Original Price: $23.56
Price: $16.49
PLA25328 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass Black, Red, Standard
Code: PLA25328
Original Price: $348.88
Price: $244.20
PLA25475 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass White, Red, Standard
Code: PLA25475
Original Price: $350.32
Price: $244.40
PLA25483 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass Black, Red, Inclined
Code: PLA25483
Original Price: $350.32
Price: $244.90
PLA25487 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass White, Red, Inclined
Code: PLA25487
Original Price: $350.32
Price: $243.40
PLA39665 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass Black, Black, Standard
Code: PLA39665
Original Price: $350.32
Price: $245.20
PLA40030 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass Black, Black, Inclined
Code: PLA40030
Original Price: $350.32
Price: $245.90
PLA51003 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass White, White, Standard
Code: PLA51003
Original Price: $350.32
Price: $254.80
PLA51006 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass White, White, Inclined
Code: PLA51006
Original Price: $350.32
Price: $255.50
PLA25479 - Plastimo Contest 101 Compass Tactical
Code: PLA25479
Original Price: $364.58
Price: $255.20
PLA26891 - Plastimo Bezel for Contest 101, Black
Code: PLA26891
Original Price: $26.79
Price: $18.76
PLA26893 - Plastimo Bezel for Contest 101, Blue
Code: PLA26893
Original Price: $29.62
Price: $20.75
PLA26892 - Plastimo Bezel for Contest 101, White
Code: PLA26892
Original Price: $27.21
Price: $19.05
PLA25332 - Plastimo Cover for Contest 101 Compass Gray
Code: PLA25332
Original Price: $17.55
Price: $12.20
PLA39201 - Plastimo Contest 101 Mast Mount
Code: PLA39201
Original Price: $317.12
Price: $224.10

PLASTIMO COMPASSES - Contest 101 - Overview

When Plastimo invented the double reading compass, it was a major innovation which allowed the yachtsman to follow his course from the cockpit and the cabin. The Contest 101 goes a step further : its exclusive mounting possibilities on any bulkhead -whatever the thickness- and its aesthetics allow the Contest 101 to adapt perfectly to today's yachts, both in terms of engineering technique and glamorous design.

The Contest range is part of the Plastimo "legend" and includes a comprehensive range of compasses for sailboats.

It is not by chance that the "Contest" name has virtually become a generic word, the reference compass for yachtsmen around the world. For many years, the Contest compass has been one of the best ambassadors of their company, so why hesitate? Trust the Contest brandname for performance and reliability. Plastimo is the only compass manufacturer offering a 5-year warranty.

The model for inclined bulkhead is designed for a bulkhead tilted by 10 to 25° from vertical. The card remains fully efficient, even with a very high angle of pitch.

Plastimo Contest 101 Compasses (Cruising)

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