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Profurl NEX Code Zero FurlersProfurl
PROPNEX09 - Profurl NEX 0.9 Continuous Line Code Zero Furler
Original Price: $999.00
Price: $801.00
PROPNEX15 - Profurl NEX 1.5 Continuous Line Code Zero Furler
Original Price: $1,429.00
Price: $1,145.00
PROPNEX25 - Profurl NEX 2.5 Continuous Line Code Zero Furler
Original Price: $1,949.00
Price: $1,562.00
PROPNEX50 - Profurl NEX 5.0 Continuous Line Code Zero Furler
Original Price: $4,049.00
Price: $3,245.00

Profurl NEX Flying Sail Furlers - Overview

Developed through Profurl's know-how and R&D. NEX has been developed to improve performance of your yacht and ensure safe, optimum deployment of your flying sails. NEX is made for every sailor, professional or amateur.

The NEX flying-sail furler is composed of 2 mechanisms, the spool and swivel, each with terminals allowing for fitting or use. An anti-twist torque rope which transmits the rotation up to the head of the sail is fitted inside the luff of the sail supplied by the sailmaker.

• Lighter, more compact, more effective, ergonomic and easier to use, NEX furlers really make a difference.
• Allows use of the sail best suited to sailing conditions.
• Optimal size and weight (e.g., maximum sail luff).
• Quick operations (rigged in seconds).
• Enhanced safety: sail furled from cockpit.
• Reduced sails storage.
• Quick sail attachment device (I-Connect).
• Quick line installation and removal (Quick Fit).
Safety: the furling line is blocked during deployment of sail and thus prevents accidents.
Innovative terminals: NEX offers a wide range of terminals offering functionality, lightness and optimised size.

Profurl NEX Code Zero Furlers

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