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Wichard HR Snap Shackles Fixed EyeWichard
WIC2470 - Wichard HR Snap Shackle - Fixed Eye - Small
Code: WIC2470
Original Price: $49.60
Price: $33.13
WIC2471 - Wichard HR Snap Shackle - Fixed Eye - Medium
Code: WIC2471
Original Price: $55.90
Price: $37.33
WIC2472 - Wichard HR Snap Shackle - Fixed Eye - Large
Code: WIC2472
Original Price: $84.10
Price: $56.17

Wichard Fied Eye Snap Shackles - Specifications and Comparison

Part # Length A B Working Load Breaking Load Weight
WIC2470 35 mm
1 3/8 in.
8 mm
5/16 in.
6 mm
1/4 in.
160 kg
350 lb
400 kg
880 lb
0.012 kg
0.027 lb
WIC2471 50 mm
1 15/16 in.
16 mm
5/8 in.
10 mm
3/8 in.
960 kg
2115 lb
2000 kg
4405 lb
0.042 kg
0.093 lb
WIC2472 70 mm
2 3/4 in.
21 mm
13/16 in.
13 mm
1/2 in.
1280 kg
2820 lb
3000 kg
6610 lb
0.090 kg
0.199 lb

Diagram of Wichard Fixed Eye Snap Shackle Dimensions Wichard Fixed Eye Snap Shackles
High Resistance Stainless Steel forged fixed eye snap shackle. The plunger pin is captive and canot become detached. Excellent working and breaking loads.
Easy to open by pulling the plunger pin. Allows for the attachment of a lanyard.
Use for applications where free rotation is not required.

  • Forged in HR Stainless Steel
  • Designed and made in France
  • High Resistance
  • Captive plunger pin
  • Large range
  • Easy opening

Wichard HR Snap Shackles Fixed Eye

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