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Class Description

The Finn was designed in 1949 to be the 'monotype' dinghy at the 1952 Olympic Games. It has remained an Olympic cass ever since and is now the longest standing of any Olympic dinghy class. It currently fills the slot for the Heavyweight Dinghy.

The Finn is the most physically and mentally demanding singlehander in the world. It breeds exceptional, all-round sailors by testing all aspects of racing. IFA The cult of the International Finn Monotype may seem strange to some people, but to us devotees, there is nothing else remotely like it. The Finn offers the most purely athletic form of yacht racing and is, therefore, the most fundamentally competitive. The Finn offers the rewarding opportunity of doing a difficult thing well. There will always be those who aspire to be the master of a Finn.

Mainsheet System

Mainsheet System
The 3:1 mainsheet system is tensioned via the swivel base in the cockpit and bends the mast. When the bend exceeds the sail's luff curve, the mast inverts and flattens the sail. Less bend increases the sail's draft. The Finn class does not restrict pumping in heavy winds, and the deadend on the boom allows a powerful 1:1 downwind.



Centerboard Control

Centerboard System
Partially raising the centerboard downwind reduces drag and lessens the side load. The double-ended 2:1 system also allows racers to quickly clear the centerboard of seaweed and debris.



Hiking Strap Control

Hiking Strap Adjustment
Sailors can fine-tune the angle of the hiking straps out on the water for different sized waves, wind speeds, and body types. Strap tension can be adjusted to suit a range of sailor heights. Shockcords pull the straps inboard and out of the way when not in use.



Finn Sailboat Parts and Equipment

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