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Class Description

These F18 boats are equipped with asymmetric spinnakers, and as a result they require a skilled and physically fit crew to be competitive. However, many crews also use this catamaran for purely recreational sailing. Despite their heavy construction, the F18 boats are quite fast, and the skill level in this F18 class is second only to the Olympic Tornado class. Olympic catamaran sailors can often been seen participating in F18 racing.

The F18 class has full racing circuits in many places around the globe. Several thousand boats have been sold over the years. The F18 class is a fully respected member of the main international catamaran classes, alongside the A-cat, Tornado and Hobie 16. These four classes make up the top[citation needed] in a sports catamaran scene that contains tens and tens of sub classes.

The Formula 18 class was the first sports catamaran class to use the identifier "formula" and "F" in the name. In this respect, and in its government of boats, it is similar to the F1 car and motor racing. The success of the F18 class during the 1990s quickly led to a proliferation of other formula classes like the F20 and F16 classes. The identifiers "formula" and "F" were first well known in the early 1980s in relation to the bigger boats like the F40 catamaran, F60 trimaran, F28 and others. None of those classes, however, are classified as sports or beach catamarans.

Mainsheet System

Mainsheet System
57 mm Ratchmatic's make up this powerful system. Two ratchets per side double sheet-holding power. The ratchet mechanism automatically engages/disengages as loads increase/decrease.




The 8:1 cunnigham system is the gas pedal on these boats. Contained in a compact package at the base of the spar, crew can power and depower the rig from the trapeze.



Spinnaker System

Spinnaker System
Four 57 mm Carbo Ratchamatics® make up this system. Two ratchets per side double sheet-holding power.


Jib System

Self-Tacking Jib
This strong, lightweight self-tacking system frees up crew to perform fast, effective jibes downwind and quick, efficient tacks upwind.


Formula 18 Catamaran Sailboat Parts and Equipment

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