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Boomkicker with Fittings

Boomkicker Boom Supports - Overview

Boomkickers are a simple affordable solution to support the boom and eliminate the topping lift for sailboats 14 to 38 feet. Each Boomkicker uses 2 coated fiberglass spring rods to support the boom with the exception of the smallest model K0312 which uses uncoated spring rods. Pulling the boom down causes the Boomkicker to flex upward; releasing it straightens the Boomkicker lifting the boom. Universal fittings for the mast and boom are included. The boom track fitting provides additional up travel and adjustment. Boomkicker is guaranteed to make your sailing enjoyable. Whether you are a cruiser or a racer, this is a simple and affordable solution to sailing.

Benefits include:
  • Eliminating the hang-ups, adjustments and chafe of a topping lift.
  • In light air, lifting the boom opens the leech for a faster sail shape and more speed.
  • Boat performance is improved with less weight and windage aloft.
  • Reefing is safer and easier with better boom control.
  • Combined with a block and tackle vang, the Boomkicker does everything a mechanical vang or rigid vang can do with less cost and less weight.
  • The simple design eliminates sliding tubes and friction.
  • A proven, durable and reliable design with thousands sold.
  • Patented flexing spring provides fast response and a near constant force for higher vang efficiency.
  • The lightweight, low profile design is good for performance and looks.
  • Easy installation independent of the vang. No need to replace existing hardware.
  • Fittings, fasteners, drill and tap included for a complete package.
  • Mast fitting uses the luff groove to eliminate drilling in the mast.
  • Non-corroding and silent. Little features with big paybacks.
  • Self tending for hands off operation. Install It - Forget It!

  • BOOK0312 - Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 14 to 16 ft.
    Code: BOOK0312
    Original Price: $90.00
    Price: $76.50
    BOOK0400 - Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 16 to 19 ft.
    Code: BOOK0400
    Original Price: $153.00
    Price: $130.05
    BOOK0500 - Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 16 to 20 ft.
    Code: BOOK0500
    Original Price: $211.00
    Price: $179.35
    BOOK0750 - Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 20 to 25 ft.
    Code: BOOK0750
    Original Price: $214.00
    Price: $181.90
    BOOK0800 - Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 25 to 27 ft.
    Code: BOOK0800
    Original Price: $265.00
    Price: $225.25
    BOOK1000 - Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 27 to 30 ft.
    Code: BOOK1000
    Original Price: $269.00
    Price: $228.65
    BOOK1250 - Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 30 to 34 ft.
    Code: BOOK1250
    Original Price: $326.00
    Price: $277.10
    BOOK1500 - Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 34 to 38 ft.
    Code: BOOK1500
    Original Price: $333.00
    Price: $283.05

    Forespar Yacht Rods
    FOR352000 - Forespar Yacht Rod Medium for Boats 34-40 ft.
    Code: FOR352000
    Original Price: $826.00
    Price: $578.00
    FOR352050 - Forespar Yacht Rod Medium Vang Package for Boats 34-40 ft.
    Code: FOR352050
    Original Price: $1,854.00
    Price: $1,298.00
    FOR352100 - Forespar Yacht Rod Large for Boats 41-45 ft.
    Code: FOR352100
    Original Price: $1,438.00
    Price: $1,007.00
    FOR352101 - Forespar Yacht Rod Extra Large for Boats 46-55 ft.
    Code: FOR352101
    Original Price: $1,518.00
    Price: $1,063.00
    FOR352160 - Forespar Yacht Rod Large Vang Package for Boats 41-45 ft.
    Code: FOR352160
    Original Price: $2,787.00
    Price: $1,951.00
    FOR352165 - Forespar Yacht Rod Extra Large Vang Package for Boats 46-55 ft.
    Code: FOR352165
    Original Price: $2,870.00
    Price: $2,009.00

    Quik Vang Boom Vangs
    HALQVA - Quik Vang A boats 25 to 33 ft. (no tackle)
    Code: HALQVA
    Price: $874.10
    HALQVA12 - Quik Vang A-12 (12:1) for boats 25 to 33 ft.
    Code: HALQVA12
    Price: $1,146.00
    HALQVA8 - Quik Vang A-8 (8:1) for boats 25 to 33 ft.
    Code: HALQVA8
    Price: $1,059.00
    HALQVB - Quik Vang B boats 29 to 37 ft. (no tackle)
    Code: HALQVB
    Price: $1,131.00
    HALQVB12 - Quik Vang B-12 (12:1) for boats 29 to 37 ft.
    Code: HALQVB12
    Price: $1,372.00
    HALQVB18 - Quik Vang B-18 (18:1) for boats 29 to 37 ft.
    Code: HALQVB18
    Price: $1,431.00
    HALQVC - Quik Vang C-16 (16:1) for boats 37 to 42 ft.
    Code: HALQVC
    Price: $1,333.00
    HALQVC16 - Quik Vang C boats 37 to 42 ft. (no tackle)
    Code: HALQVC16
    Price: $1,544.00
    HALQVC24 - Quik Vang C-24 (24:1) for boats 37 to 42 ft.
    Code: HALQVC24
    Price: $1,614.00
    HALQVD - Quik Vang D boats 42 to 53 ft. (no tackle)
    Code: HALQVD
    Price: $2,654.00
    HALQVD30 - Quik Vang D-30 (30:1) for boats 42 to 53 ft.
    Code: HALQVD30
    Price: $2,777.00
    HALQVD40 - Quik Vang D-40 (40:1) for boats 42 to 53 ft.
    Code: HALQVD40
    Price: $2,777.00

    Vang Master Boom Vangs

    Rigid Boom Vangs

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