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NKE Speed / Depth Sensors
NKE3135001 - NKE Thru-Hull Fitting + Plug for U/S Speedo
Code: NKE3135001
Price: $74.10
NKE9060121 - NKE Bus Junction Box
Code: NKE9060121
Price: $53.63
NKE9060450 - NKE Log/Depth Junction Interface
Code: NKE9060450
Price: $360.80
NKE9060451 - NKE Automatic Log Selector
Code: NKE9060451
Price: $1,116.00
NKE9060456 - NKE Depth Sensor + Thru Hull
Code: NKE9060456
Price: $224.30
NKE9060457 - NKE Log/Speedo Paddlewheel + Thru Hull
Code: NKE9060457
Price: $270.10
NKE9060460 - NKE Bus Cable for Interface - 15 m. / 50 ft.
Code: NKE9060460
Price: $107.30
NKE9060479 - NKE Ultrasonic Speed Sensor
Code: NKE9060479
Price: $1,135.00

NKE Wind Speed / Direction Sensors
NKE9060092 - NKE Masthead Cable 82 ft. (25 m.)
Code: NKE9060092
Price: $239.90
NKE9060105 - NKE Windspeed + Direction
Code: NKE9060105
Price: $785.00
NKE9060297 - NKE Masthead Cable 115 ft. (35 m.)
Code: NKE9060297
Price: $378.30
NKE9060349 - NKE Bracket for Carbowind Sensor (L 220)
Code: NKE9060349
Price: $100.40
NKE9060351 - NKE Avionic Masthead Cable 115 ft. (35 m.)
Code: NKE9060351
Price: $680.00
NKE9060369 - NKE HR Windspeed / Direction
Code: NKE9060369
Price: $1,648.00
NKE9060370 - NKE HR Carbowind (Vertical Carbon MHU)
Code: NKE9060370
Price: $3,403.00
NKE9060381 - NKE Avionic Masthead Cable 82 ft. (25 m.)
Code: NKE9060381
Price: $478.00
NKE9060492 - NKE Vertical Bracket for Carbowind Sensor
Code: NKE9060492
Price: $507.00


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